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A current vaccination certificate covering intestinal Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu MUST be produced at the time of boarding.  The last date entered on the certificate must be a minimum of 2 weeks before boarding commences.

It is the duty of the Owner to ensure their pet(s) is/are fit and sound and free from infectious or contagious disease when placing them in our care. The Cattery reserves the right to refuse admission.

All cats over the age of 6 months MUST be neutered.

Regrettably we are unable to accept cats who have (re)entered this country within the last 6 months because of the added risk of imported diseases into our Boarding Establishment and the risk to other boarders.

We appreciate that most cats, from time to time, have fleas and worms, but we would trust it/they have received their regular flea and worm treatments before arriving for boarding.

Only cats from the same household may share accommodation.  We advise that serious thought be given as to whether same household cats get on well before deciding to house them together.  Written consent may be sought regarding any possible injury caused by same household cats sharing accommodation.

All cats MUST be transported in a secure carrier to and from the Cattery.

We would assume that any cat booked into the Cattery will use a litter tray.  Any cat not having used a tray at home may become stressed when, in a cattery, it is unable to use the garden.  It is advised to accustom your cat to litter tray before boarding.

Prior notice should be given to the Cattery regarding any long term health problems at the time of booking.

Pre-existing or recent conditions must be notified prior to arrival (preferably prior to making a booking).  Failure to do so in either case may result in refusal of admission to the Cattery.  

Deterioration of any pre-existing condition during boarding may result in veterinary attention being sought for which the Owner must accept all charges.

Accommodation is charged on a daily rate.  A full day’s board is charged for both day of arrival and day of departure.  There is a minimum charge equal to 4 days accommodation, irrespective of the duration of boarding.  All days booked must be paid for.

Deposit cheques are held, and returned at the end of accommodation when full boarding payment is made.  Deposits are forfeited if cancellation is less than 1 calendar month to the cat(s) entry to the Cattery or if the cat(s) cause excessive damage to the accommodation.


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